Patented global technology in non-destructive testing

Coating Porosity Detector

COATING porosity detector

CPD is ideal for use:

•             In moist conditions

•             On wet coating surfaces

•             On contaminated coating surfaces

•             On carbon-impregnated coatings (i.e. carbonated rubber)

•             On ‘plastic’/fibreglass type coatings likely to become electrostatically charged

•             Coating Thickness Range: 150 to 25,000μm.


Advantages of the CPD for NDT include:

•             Detection of pinholes in coatings and wrapping above 150um on metal substrates, such as pipes and tanks

•             Used in conjunction with BEM™ Technology to provide a comprehensive pipe condition assessment

•             Can be used on dry or wet surfaces, with an alarm sensitivity setting between dry and wet conditions

•             Up to 40kV output

•             4 digit LED display of voltage

•             Easy use for inspections; lightweight with fully adjustable probe and clip-on battery pack

•             Constant test current and overcharge protection

•             Usage in noisy environments - earphones provided.