Patented global technology in non-destructive testing



BEM™ is a proven, global technique with several competitive NDT advantages.  Its accuracy for mapping corrosion and identifying discreet or localised flaws in ferrous infrastructures such as pipelines, storage tanks, ship hulls and a variety of objects has been independently verified and supported.  

It is also a truly non-destructive method, as it doesn’t require the removal of linings or coatings for inspections and subsequent refurbishment.  Rock Solid Group has BEM™ tools for both internal and external scanning for pipes from 150mm (6-inch) up to beyond 2.4 metre diameter pipelines (96-inch). 


Pipe failures are happening regularly in major cities around the world on almost a daily basis as aged infrastructure approaches the end of their manufactured remaining life.  Utilities around the world with asset management responsibilities have a growing awareness of the need to BEM™ before Burst!

BEM™ Advantages! 

BEM™ is available in different configurations like the simple Hand Scanning Kit (HSK) to complex remotely operated submersible devices – applicable to any diameter or shape.  You can engage the full range of specialised services, rent/buy the equipment or become a licensee.  Certified training also available.

There are numerous benefits and advantages of BEM™ over other technologies for measuring wall thickness.

BEM™- Industries / Regions / Licensees / Customers

Into its third decade, BEM™ has become the technology of choice for a diverse range of customers across the Water, Wastewater, Gas and Nuclear power, Mining and Manufacturing Plant industries.  

Our BEM™ customer base spans the globe and is serviced both directly and via our BEM™ Licensees and Strategic Partners.