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Audit Information Management

Audit Information Management (AIM™)

Our RSG AIM™ is an artificial intelligence tool that has been developed on the basis of Bayesian logic to provide a client with:

  • A stand-alone current evaluation of a pressure pipe network (A system health check)

  • As a tool to determine if invasive is needed and focus such investigation to areas determined by the audit data with recommendations for appropriate techniques

  • As a tool to identify replacement, remedial and repair works and where appropriate possible methodologies

  • Recommendations for on-going inspection, investigation both invasive and non-invasive

The tool also creates the basic information and methodology for ongoing condition assessment of the asset.

Each project will require to be addressed in terms of pipe type and location 

  • Quantitative Data will be obtained from existing records such as previous inspections and investigation

  • Physical Data available from utility records

  • Environmental Data from observation and utility records

  • Operational Data from utility records

  • Observation Data can be obtained from surface inspection to detected inferential indicators of corrosion, leakage, external threats, consequences of failure.

It is not normally necessary for any additional quantitative site investigation to be undertaken to develop the audit.

Initial analysis based on this information will identify gaps and missing information that allow the definition of an intervention program for determining the Likelihood of Failure and for Consequences of Failure.

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Consequence of Failure

Speaking of Consequence of Failure, meet Vojtech, one of our senior technical colleagues from our European office, taking the “Rock Solid” business name to the extreme!

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