Patented global technology in non-destructive testing

About Us


Rock Solid Group is a Melbourne based Infrastructure Technical Services provider for corrosion assessment of high value and critical infrastructure assets.

Our BEM™(Broadband Electro-Magnetic method) technique is a global leading, patented technology in Non-Destructive Testing that is Australian developed and privately owned.

To service our global customer base who are largely in Water, Waste Water, Nuclear Power, Mining and Commercial industries, we have our Head-office in Melbourne, Australia, an office in Europe and a selection of highly skilled BEM™ Licensee’s and Strategic Partners, including global engineering and specialty pipeline maintenance entities.

Our end client list over the past 30 years is both extensive and impressive.  Our most recent direct and licensee/strategic partners projects include: Sydney Water, South Australia Water, Queensland Urban Utilities, Unity Water, Rio Tinto, Trility, DC Water, New Jersey Gas, North American and European Nuclear Power Generating Plants, Thames Estuary Asset Management 2100 programme (TEAM2100) and Budapest Water.






Martin Roubal

Martin Roubal has been the managing director for the Rock Solid group of companies for 31 years and during this time has acquired extensive experience in various aspects of Non-Destructive Testing, geophysical surveying & geotechnical engineering. He has obtained a patent for the BEM™ technology globally, namely Australia, USA, Canada, Japan, EU and New Zealand being involved in projects. Martin proudly states “BEM™ is arguably one of the best techniques for detecting corrosion and condition of ferrous engineering infrastructure such as pipes, bridges, tanks and retaining structures”.

 Martin is our tennis challenge champion for April 2019!




Martin Rodger

Martin Rodger joined the Rock Solid group of companies in 2015, broadening the businesses senior sales, marketing and executive management expertise. Martin has proven leadership skills from his previous 9 years on the management team for Australian Office, the office products division of Australian Paper, a member of the Nippon Paper Group.

Martin manages operations for Australasia and the West Coast, USA and liaises with our local and international BEM™ Licensee’s and Strategic Partners.

This week Martin is the first runner up for the tennis.




Marek Skoda; Tereza Skacanova & Gergo Toth

Marek, Tereza and Gergo are all certified BEM™ field specialists, all with advanced experience across two or three continents.  Marek and Gergo are also integral in our project management for Europe, Africa and East Coast of USA.  Mark is also one of our most experienced team members for BEM™ data processing, plotting, analysis and reporting.




Vojtech Kriz  & Steven Clare

Vojtech (left),is based in our Europe office and Steve Clare (down), based in our Australian office play important roles in our Rock Solid Research business unit, that help drives BEM™ technical development and equipment manufacturing respectively.

Vojtech has over 9-years of experience with the Rock Solid group of companies and has acquired extensive experience and expertise in numerous facets of BEM™ application in non-destructive testing, pipeline condition assessments and project management. 





Jozef Wlodarczyk

Geotechnical Engineer