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Company Profile - Rock Solid Group

Rock Solid Group's BEM(TM) technique (Broadband Electro-Magnetics), is world leading for critical asset condition assessment. We detect corrosion in ferrous (metal) structures, mostly pipes, via Non-Destructive Testing. Water, gas, oil, sewer and nuclear power industries benefit from RSG's patented, reliable and extremely accurate, BEM(TM) corrosion technology. 

With more than 22 years of data collection, analysis and interpretation, BEM(TM) is a proven and preferred methodology for advanced condition assessment.

Greater Melbourne Site Classification Database

Rock Solid Earth is our Melbourne based division of Geotechnical experts. Our interactive database of Melbourne/Victorian site classification results MAP is coming soon. CLICK HERE for a preview.

We have local expertise for Geotechnical soil tests for residential through to major commercial sites; Distressed Buildings; Landslide Risk Assessments; Land Capability Assessment and Bushfire Assessment Reports.